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Welcome to Blooweels !

The English version of our website is under construction, but here is some information about who we are and how to use our booking engine.



Passionate about technology and cars, we wanted to demonstrate that it's possible to reconcile driving pleasure with sustainability. We founded Blooweels in 2014, a car rental company specialising in premium electric cars. We offer only high-end, high performance marks and models, with low CO2 emissions and a comfortable range. Today, you have the choice between Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model STesla Model X, Jaguar i-Pace, Porsche Taycan or BMW i8, with  new models from Tesla, Mercedes, Audi and Ford coming soon. Our fleet is available from most major French cities ; you can find all our agencies in the "NOS PARCS" tab.


Booking process

From our homepage, the entry point is either your local agency ("LOCATION RAPIDE") or your choice of vehicle ("NOS VÉHICULES") . Please note - not all models are available at every agency. Choose the agency to see all the vehicles available at that location, or, if you want to rent a particular model, choose the vehicle and then select from the list of agencies where it is available. Once you have selected your agency and vehicle, please choose your date and hour of departure, and the date and hour of your return in the upper banner and then click on the "LOUER" button.Important things to know :

- our cars are fully insured (no need for extra insurance !)

- our cars are delivered with adapted charge cables

- only 3 options on the summary page (2nd driver, reduced deductible, prepaid added kilometers)

- online payment (CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) is fully secured by our Stripe partner

- online deposit (banking footprint)

- delivery where you want on demand (at extra cost)


If you have any question, please don't hesitate to use the contact form, chat (when available) or call us (tel : +33 7 86 32 80 72 or +33 6 31 05 86 98).